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Team Number: 2587Z
Location: Houston, Texas USA
Team Since: 2008
Organization: Homeschool


Clean Sweep

2587D Division Finalists Led by Nick Dulworth and Michael Dinh.

Round Up

At the time we had two Homeschool teams, 2587D and 2587Z. 2587D was the "A" team and was lead by Nick Dulworth (Junior) and Michael Dinh (Sophomore). They were World Finalists in Clean Sweep. 2587Z was led by their younger brothers, Peter Dulworth (7th grade) and Lance Dinh (8th Grade). 2587Z won numerous competitions and awards during the regular season, but they did not do very well at worlds.


The Team
In Gateway 2587D split into two separate teams, 2587Z and 300. Team 300 was then led by Michael Dinh (Junior) and Lance Dinh (Freshman). Team 2587Z was then led by Nick Dulworth (Senior) and Peter Dulworth (8th grade).

The Robot
2587Z, or the MiniDragon, was designed for the interaction zone with an 8 motor drive geared 1:2 for speed on 4 inch omni wheels. To allow for this it also had a pneumatic powered lift.

Reveal video:

In Gateway, 2587Z was picked by 2915A and 44 GER. They were Division Finalists (Math) and were knocked out by 2941A OATS Robotics.

Sack Attack

The Team
In Sack Attack, 2587Z was led by Peter Dulworth (Freshman). The team also had two new team members, Cedric Shy (Sophomore) and Cyrus Shy (Freshman).

The Robot
The robot was a standard (NZ/24C) robot with a cool paint job and a lot of RGBs (lights).
6 motor drive geared internally for speed.
2 motor lift with a 2 piston pneumatic assist and a lot of rubber bands. Able to lift 25 sacks.
2 motor intake. (1 motor roller and 1 motor table)

Reveal video:

At worlds we went 9-1-0 and were fortunate enough to be ranked #1 in the math division. We picked 2941A OATS and 1615A Patribots. We won our division and were ranked #2 in the round robin. We ended up losing the finals to 2625A, 2915A and 2941D. We were World Finalists for a second time!

Toss Up

We are currently working hard on our Toss Up robot. We also have one new member Reagan Foxley.


Peter's YouTube Channel (Videos during season) -
Discobots YouTube Channel (Pre-Worlds Reveal video) -
Nick's YouTube Channel (Old VRC/FRC videos) -